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Emmy Com shade edit
Edited version of the flats. Added some shade, and changed the bandana. :) 
Mature for penis
Fallout New Vegas Audio Logs 2 by kinomon
Fallout New Vegas Audio Logs 2
Kyn's Audio Logs. Day 16

Exploring the outskirts of Primm turned out to be both a blessing, and a curse. Was not expecting such a huge amount of those blasted, scary radscorpions again, those clicking,  6 eyed skittering -audio is muffled- bloody...
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. So, I recently discovered something fun, something to give those bloody things who's the queen of the desert. My friend, Mr. Dynamite~! Hehehe. Bloody things don't stand a chance. YOU WILL ALL BLOW UP BITCHES!! YEEE HAWW
OW! Okay, that hurt... Ow ow wowowowow.... N-note to self.. don't blow dynamite so close to self.. Sfnnnn... Owww... Gods, why is Primm so far away... Stupid woof... Ow... ;D:

Kyn's Audio Log Day 18

After some... -pant- e-eventful... Haaaaa~!! Eventful run ins with radsco- how tall is this mountain????? -Haa- I-I'm almost close to the top. I can see two statues nearby... I-I won- haa... I need to stop eating all that cram... HA.... Almost...
Bloody hell not again~!! Die die die~ -sound of gunfire can be heard-
*Recording abruptly terminated*

Kyn's Audio Logs Day 26

Okay, who ever listens to this far far far into the future, here's a little secret. I'm not all wolf, as you'll probably notice based on my probably dead body. Or bodies. Regardless, it should be known that I somehow have this ability to not die, thanks in part to a lovely revive stone I carry around. However, it doesn't mean dying's nothing to me, because Arceus damn does it hurt to die. And boy, does clearing the Powder Gang off this prison remind of just how painful it is. I'm about to go in on my... Arceus.... How many attempts have I made on this place? My health ain't doing too good either, as most of my bodies can show -hushed voice- most of my dead bodies have no legs.. Mostly because I keep placing mines in the derpiest of places. Oh Arceus... -return to normal voice- I'll try this again, as I've recently thought of a pretty good tactic. Hopefully, this one works, and doesn't, quite literally, blow up in my face.
Here goes nothing...
*door opens*
-hushed voice- Sneaky... Sneaky...Sneaky... Place mine here.... Sneaky... Sneaky...
*tosses grenade*
Reun, run run runrunrunrurnurnurn
*audio log stops*


Soo, this was a fun, albeit late one. I actually drew this a week back, but thanks to school only got around to finish it now. Lot of new things I wanted to try, including: explosions, adding clothes to my body, and hair physics! Yay physics~
In terms of the story, wanted to make this more vocal and frantic, pretty much repeating my actual reaction to these events (yes, even climbing the mountain thing. Thank gods for fast travel).
Also, I just made respawning canon~ Huzza~! Thank you Jolteon DNA!! :D

Also, with the school term rounding up closer to its finals, I may slow down more on my logs. Shame, because I have a whole list now of my most recent events. I hope you guys stay around and enjoy the rest of my adventure. :3
Fallout New Vegas Audio Logs 1 by kinomon
Fallout New Vegas Audio Logs 1
So I recently started playing Fallout New Vegas, and during the course of my gaming, I've experienced some, interesting events, that I could not help but doodle them. As such, here are a few excerpts of my adventures,

Fair warning , mild curing here and there in the story. Also, these are based on my experiences in game. With the exception of the date (because I forgot when they happened in relation to the time of day), they are accurate. Planning on making this a thing that I'll start posting every week.

Art shifts from chibi to semi-chibi (is that a thing? I dunno, but I'm making that a thing now.)

Kyn's Audio log book. Day 2

Sunny showed me around the place today. Offered me help and even let me go gecko hunting with her. Sorry, I mean, pest control. Never realized how big they were D: Still, it wasn't too bad, and the rifle I got feels great in my hands. Still, all wasn't as well as I hoped. Soooo, as it seems, geckos aren't the only thing that's huge here. Insects are ginormous!!! Wasted several bullets missing at a small set while I was exploring the school. Had to climb up a cabinet just to avoid being hit. Still, glad I took care of that problem. Ugh...

Kyn's Audio log book. Day 9.

Looooost. So looooooost. I'm trying to find this ridge where some guy's sister is missing. Said to go past the radio tower. However, I think I went a little overboard and went the wrong way. Still, I gotta do something to help this man. I wanna help.
Some time later. I happened to see this odd cross in the distance. I wonder if she's there? Will investigate.

Kyn's Audio Log Book Day 12

THAT FUCKING BASTARD LIED TO ME!!! THAT SON OF A (audio gets cut out a little)-head! GRRRR....
Can you believe that guy? He set me up!! The whole thing was a lie!!
-sighs-Take it easy girl, breath.. breath....-another longer sigh- Anyway, so I found the bloody ridge he was talking about. All I had to do was take a u-turn at the broken radio tower. But god damn, that asshole had to have the last laugh huh? He led me right to a gecko nest. Had to use my grenade launcher and almost lost a leg in the process, only to get caught in a bear trap and find no missing sisters at all. Heh, the bitc, no, that word is too good for him. That lowlife slime of a skinbag had the audacity to laugh as he tried to shoot at me. Good thing I had my machete on me. I murdered the fool. Goes to show you what it's like to mess with a jolteon woof like me. HA! WHO'S LAUGHING NOW A-HEAD?? WHO'S LAUGHING NO-audio is somehow cut.-
Emmy Com Flats
A (slightly more than but not kinda i'm sorry) commission update for Emmy on F-List. Added basic background, leg fix, and a larger dick.
yup! that's right, and a pretty good one at that too. If you like, check out her page here…

she's really quite the beauty and really into cosplay. I'd be more than happy if you guys check it out! Thanks a bunches and tell your friends about her! :D

*happy tail wags*
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furry artist and photographer
Artist | Student | Photography
i love pokemon and furries. Being a Jolteon-Wolf hybrid, i have the power of electricity, and being highly adorable in front of cameras :3 *wags my tail* I do my best to be the very best, like no one ever was
to catch them is my real test
to train them is my cause~*~

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